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In the southern region of India lie the Nilgiri ranges, a rich ecosystem of tea plantations and wild-life. This lush green belt is a poignant example of bio-diversity and also a cradle for some of the finest teas in the world. Nilgiris which means Blue Mountains is one of the 3 famous tea growing regions of India, the other two being Darjeeling and Assam in the North East.

SUNFESST endeavours to bring to the palate of quality conscious Australian clientele the varying flavours of Indian tea packed at origin. This effort of bringing authenticity to every blend extends beyond Indian shores. We also specialise in sourcing and packing other origin teas like Kenyan, Chinese, Japanese and Ceylon in India and importing the same into Australia.

SUNFESST also works closely with their packing partners to source high quality herbs & fruit infusions. These are sourced from origin countries, more often than not direct from farms in order to allow the grower to get higher price realisation.

Our herbs are sourced directly from regions like South Africa, Lithuania, Albania, Ukraine, Sudan & Egypt.

One thing you get when you buy a product from SUNFESST is that is will be as good as having it fresh at origin!

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